Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Auditing

DBA can provide the full range of environmental management services, from site assessment (Phase 1, Phase 2 ESA and DSS) and peer review to the implementation, management and verification of site remediation systems. DBA follows Ontario Regulation 153/04 requirements for conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).  If Record of Site Condition (RSC) will be needed, DBA will carry-out the Phase I and II ESAs to the new Ministry of the Environment Regulation 511/09 requirements.

Phase I ESA
The purpose of a Phase I ESA, as per the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Phase I ESA Standard Z768-01, is to identify actual and potential contamination. The Phase I ESAs are usually conducted in accordance with the CSA environmental protocol or the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) environmental site investigation procedures for mortgage loan insurance. The scope of work for the Phase I ESA in general consists of the following tasks:

  • Records Review (Reviewing the current and historical records of the site, through the use of available archived municipal and business directories, fire insurance plans, other historical mapping and aerial photographs, environmental databases, company records, etc.
  • Site visits (Conducting a ‘walk-through’ visual assessment (i.e., site reconnaissance) of the site and building facilities in order to identify the presence of actual and / or potential environmental contaminants or concerns of significance)
  • Interviews (Conducting interviews with knowledgeable site representative(s) as a resource for current and historical site information)
  • Reporting (Preparing a report of our findings with recommendations)

Phase II ESA
The purpose of a Phase II ESA, as per the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Phase II ESA Standard Z769-00, is to confirm the presence of and characterize the substances of concern at the given site.
The scope of work for the Phase II ESA in general consists of the following tasks:

  • Subsurface soil and groundwater investigation by advancing boreholes and installing monitoring wells, chemical analysis of representative soil and groundwater, surveying groundwater levels to verify the groundwater flow direction and preparing report with findings.

Environmental Auditing

DBA could provide Environmental Compliance Auditing and Acquisition Audits to assist the clients by verifying compliance with environmental regulations and gather information to evaluate potential environmental contamination associated with property acquisitions.