PG Binder Technology Course

This course is designed for the personnel who are responsible for asphalt testing, materials approval, specification and quality control. Knowledge of the PGAC specification will also benefit Owners, Agencies, Consultants, Contractors and College educators/students. 

Scared of MSCR? Learn the test procedures, calculations and criteria involved with grading asphalt binders in the Performance-Graded Asphalt Cement (PGAC) specification. Develop and improve your understanding with practical demonstration of lab testing including sample preparation and testing using the rotational viscometer, dynamic shear and bending beam rheometers, direct tension tester and “PG plus” tests such as MSCR, extended BBR and DENT. Leave this course with basic knowledge on PGAC and the ability to review and discuss test results with confidence.
Subjects Include:

PGAC specification and selection. PG plus tests, Highlights of latest OPSS requirements, Ministry of Transportation laboratory testing procedure, AASHTO standards, PGAC binder testing equipment (i.e. Rotational Viscometer, DSR, BBR, RTFOT and PAV), Sampling, Sample preparation, PGAC tests and report review.

Mohammed Ahmed, P.Eng., SNC Lavalin GEM Ontario Inc.
Dr. Prabir Das, Ph.D., SNC Lavalin GEM Ontario Inc..

Plus SNC Lab Team: Zlatko, P.Eng. & Prabhdeep