Our History

DBA Engineering was founded in 1991 by Param Dhillon and Andrew Burleigh.

"It was a huge risk" recalls Dhillon. "The timing was not good. It was the start of a recession and our friends discouraged us but we invested our savings and took the plunge."

The two partners rented a small industrial unit that had been used as an automotive shop and spent the next few weeks scrubbing the floors, buying equipment and establishing their new laboratory.

Fortunately, both Param and Andrew had a lot of loyal clients who were willing to give them a chance and who appreciated the personal service that Param and Andrew provided. There was a steady flow of work right from the start and within a few months DBA Engineering had grown to fifteen employees.

The company has made steady process every year since in part because of its eagerness to embrace the challenge of new technology.

DBA Engineering was one of the first laboratories to be fully equipped for SHRP and was involved in the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario's first SHRP project in Petawawa, Ontario. It was one of the first engineering companies to specify the use of shingles in asphalt mixes and also worked with Metro Toronto Transportation on its first successful large stone binder project.

DBA Engineering was also one of the first companies to recognize that ISO certification will be a major requirement for any company in the engineering field.

"We took the quality system that we already had in place in order to qualify for MTO work and built that into ISO certification," says Andrew Burleigh. "It is tangible evidence that we have a working quality system in place."

DBA Engineering received its ISO9001 certification in 2001.

Today, DBA Engineering hasĀ 75 employees working out of three Ontario offices - large enough to have the resources needed for full scale engineering projects and yet still small enough to maintain the high level of personal service that Param Dhillon and Andrew Burleigh established so successfully a decade ago.

"Nine out of ten of our clients in any one year represent repeat business so we must be doing something right," says Param Dhillon. "As a small company, we know that quality and service are everything and we do our best to give the clients what they need. We'll meet deadlines, however unreasonable they seem, even if we have to stay all night."

"It's something our employees know and understand and, I strongly believe, is the fundamental reason for our success."